Park Picks 07.11.14

Kali's Picks

1. Eos Lip Balm

I've definitely seen this stuff around, you know, the pic with Kim K? My MIL recently gave me the pack with all the flavours and I LOVE EM! So refreshing, non sticky, good smelleyz and moisturizing. YUM. 

2. Refreshing Cucumber Mint Face Mask

When it comes to natural remedies i'll pretty much try anything. Tea Tree Oil, check, Coconut Oil, Check, and heres an all natural face mask I tried this week I was super happy with. Check it out here. 

Diana's Picks

1. H&M Rings

Any stop to H&M for me always ends in the jewellery section.  When it comes to costume jewellery under $10, H&M can't be beat.  I picked up two packs of rings for less than $7 and have been wearing them non stop & getting tons of compliments.  Gotta love a good find like that! 

2. Hip Hop Spin Class 

Okay, I don't know where this is or exactly what is going on but I am all over what is going down in this video.  I like to pump the jams when I break a sweat to keep me motivated and with an instructor as lively as this - how could this class not be a blast?! #yeg - we need on this...stat!!

Sarah's Picks

1. Trust Fund Beauty What's A Budget? Polish

We were lucky enough to sample some of the TFB polishes and I think this Park Pick goes for all of us. Beautiful colour, cruelty free, no gross chemicals, and the best names in town? You won't believe me till you have a look at 'I Love My #Selfie', 'Zero Carbs', and 'Blame It On The Help'. 


2. Volcom Skippin Town Dress

One more week until Matt and I leave for Maui - woop woop! I was on the hunt for a cute cover-up to wear over my bikini from the pool to wherever else we happen to wander - down to the beach, to a post-swim happy hour, you name it. I found this cute tie-dye number and snapped it up. Can't wait to rock it on the beach!