Lessons From Herman + A Giveaway!

Warning: Today's post is all kinds of crazy. Like you guys are about to see the side of me where I reveal just what a basket case I am when it comes to my little #HermieBooBoo. It also contains a lot of old blurry blackberry photos from when he was a puppy which are pretty much the cutest thing ever. But there's lots of them so- you've been warned! lol Now onto the post....

chihuahua puppy

If you follow me on Instagram or snapchat (d_tidswell) you already know that my dog Herman is pretty much the love of my life, sorry James! I've had Herman for 7 years, ever since I got him at only 5 weeks old and he had been taken away from his mama too soon. I like to think that it's because of this that we're extra close but really, I just think I'm a little bit crazy when it comes to Herman. James does too, he says we're unnaturally close but psshh, what does he know, huh? ;)

Anyways, owning a dog is truly one of life's greatest gifts I do believe. And as I don't have any real human babies, Herman really is my little "baby" and I definitely treat him as such. In watching and living and growing with Herman over the past 7  years I've realised that there's actually a lot you can learn from your dog and I thought I'd share some of those lessons today. 

Also, Herman has been loving his teepee he received from House Of Hale a few weeks back. He ordered his in black and white so he'd coordinate but there are so many cute fabrics available (for real humans or fur babies). For now it's in our living room until my office is complete but today he wanted to show it off. And,  because Herman loves his teepee so much, he wants to give one away for a little pet or baby to get to enjoy too! Head on over to IG to enter then scroll on down to read the rest of the post. 

Lesson 1: Greet People Happily

Two of the best parts of my day are waking up to Herman and coming home to him. Why? (Aside from sounding like a chihuahua crazed weirdo?) Because as soon as I wake up in the morning Herman jumps up on me, tail wagging, tongue licking and making the sweetest happy noises. When I come home, he runs around like a little lunatic making happy little yips and showering me with love. It doesn't matter what kind of terrible day you've had, as soon as you come home to that it's an instant mood booster. So, as my lesson from Herman I try to remember to always greet people happily. Even if I'm having an off day or not feeling great, starting a new interaction on a happy and positive note sets the tone for your whole time together and rubs off on the people you're with, making them more positive too. 

Lesson 2: Go For What You Want

Herman is less than 5 lbs and when I got him, he was only 1.5 lbs and yet, he's never let his size stop him. When I got Herman I also had a German Shepherd and as Herman was so young I truly think he doesn't realise that he's a small dog, so if he wants something, he just goes for it. He doesn't let his size stop him from trying and if he can't do it - like the time he tried to jump onto the couch and basically side body slammed it in mid-air- he then comes and finds James or I and tries to show us what he's wanting. I know I'm sounding totally nuts but trust me guys, Herman and I have our ways of communicating ;) haha

So my lesson from Herman here is to not let your obvious barriers stop you. In life there's always going to be that elusive "thing" we want that we think we can't get. But if we ignore those voices that say we can't and work past our limitations you never know, you just might be able to do it after all. And if not, then go find someone and get some help! 

Lesson 3: Take Time To Do You

I think Herman takes this mantra to a bit of an extreme but there's something to be said for just doing you. Herman spends most of the day napping, doing his own thing. He plays with his favourite toys, comes for cuddles when he wants love and gets a little wild when he wants to play. If we all spent more time doing what we wanted to do for ourselves and not what we felt we should be doing because of pressures or obligations from others we'd all probably be much happier. So today go take a nap, or go read a book or go do something only because it makes you happy. Herman does that every damn day and I can tell you, he's a pretty happpy little guy! lol

Lesson 4: If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again

In the 7 years I've had Herman, I've been trying to teach him to do the stairs. When I first got him I lived in a bungalow with only a set of stairs to the basement. Herman was not a fan, and at 1.5lbs, was waaaay too small to do the stairs and over the years, we kept trying. Eventually he was able to go up them but still not down and finally, when we moved into our new home with two full sets of stairs, he did it! It only took 7 years lol but he never gave up! 

Lesson 5: Give As Much Love As You Take

Herman loves to be loved. It's ridiculous. I've never met a dog who wants to cuddle and be close as much as Herman does but as much love as he takes, he gives in return, which is a good lesson to remember in our own lives. Take love when you need it, and give it when you know it's needed. 


And just because.....here's a few more photos of Herm from the "vault" aka Facebook. Gah I love this little guy! <3 Plus, don't forget to enter our giveaway! XO

And Herman too!

And Herman too!