Park Picks: 11.01.13

At 204 Park, every Friday we'll each be breaking down our top 3 Park Picks.  Products we're obsessing over, things we can't get enough of, a favorite recipe, website, whatever.  If we love it, we share it - it's as simple as that!  So check back every Friday for our picks.


Diana's Picks

1) Aila Wang

At only four years old, little miss Aila has amassed a wardrobe that most adults couldn't even dream of having - unless maybe you're Anna Dello Russo! Aila made her debut in 2011 at her uncle's (that would be Alexander Wang) fashion show and has been an "it girl" on the street style scene ever since. When you're only a toddler and already have custom couture, you're pretty much destined for greatness. And while the fact that this girl has more style than I'll probably ever have is totally depressing, she's just too cute for me to care! Get it girl!  


2) Alice + Olivia for Starbucks

Tulle with your Grande? The Alice + Olivia for Starbucks collab goes online today and will be in Canadian stores tomorrow! Keep an eye out for this too cute tumbler as you're in line for your latte tomorrow morning.  I love the simple stripes, adorable bow and hits of gold but it's the removable tulle skirt that takes it to a whole other level! And while I grew out of teddy bears a looong time ago, with her sweet striped dress, beret with a flower, and her pearls (yes, pearls!!) this one might be too sweet to pass up.


3) Luciana Print

As I've just recently moved, I'm still on the search for a few fab finds to complete my new space.  Through my search I came across the By Luciana print shop and I am in love! The "Creme De La Creme" has to be my favorite.  The gold accent, minimalist font and modern design all scream "hang me on your walls" and you know what, I just might!

Kali's Picks

1) Comme des Garcons PLAY X Converse = These amazing little babies

My lifelong love affair with my black converse shoes went to another level this fall when I found these shoes.  Commes des Garcons PLAY line has recently done collaboration with both converse and  J.Crew, creating some looks that are too casual cool to handle. I purchased the shoes at Barneys NYC and the J. Crew is available online and in select stores. | 

2) Hands down my favourite new lip product - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I like to refer to them as my lip crayons. Having accumulated around 10 of these bad boys - In my make up kit, in my purse, in my desk I am downright obsessed. The gel formula goes on super smooth like a lip balm, with just the right amount of shine, tint, and hint of mint. For around $10 a pop they won't break the bank either!


3) G. Romano Axis Chair. This Canadian Furniture manufacturer is definitely one of my favorites. They have developed a look that is both modern, casual, and effortlessly chic. This beauty would look amazing in a breezy linen, complemented with rustic whiskey leather sofa and cozy wool rug.


Sarah's Picks

1) Crate & Barrel Sylvia Ball Pendants

I've been in love with these gorgeous pendants since I first laid eyes on them. While they can stand on their own without a problem, I love to see them grouped together (all three), hanging at various heights. These are most definitely needed in my life. And in my kitchen. 





2) Paul Andrew Aphrodite Winged Heel. 

I've been coveting these bad boys for a few months now. I debated getting them for a wedding that's since past, but they're still on my mind, which I should take as a sign, should I not? There's something about unique detailing on a shoe that makes my heart skip a beat, and the wings on these suede numbers do just that. Love love love. 

Aphrodite Heel.jpg



3) The Fashionable Cocktail

Fashion, cocktails, and the perfect coffee table book (aka- decor essential). What more could a girl ask for? All this and just in time for entertaining season, a collection of delish drinks divided by fashion personality types. From The Fashionista, The Bohemian Girl, The Vintage Girl, and The Girl Who Loves The Classic Cocktail Dress, you know who you are. Cheers! 

Fashionable Cocktail.jpg