Party Popper DIY

My favorite part of our GTL re-creation had to be the DIY's.  When I was piecing together the different items for the table I knew we would have to put our own twist on a few of the pieces.  The two major DIY projects in the set up were the table cloth and the party poppers.  I'll share the table cloth DIY with you in the new year but for today- I'll break down how I made our gold glitter party poppers- which I happen to think would be perfect for a New Year's party- so crafters, get your supplies ready!

party diy

As you can see above - we were able to make these to match perfectly with our setting theme, so you can tailor make these in any color, pattern or style that suits what you like! Here's the steps how you can make your own!

party diy
party diy
party diy
party diy
party decor

Not counting the lapse in time for the spray paint to dry, these poppers took about 30 minutes to make.  I love how the Kate Spade wrapping paper worked perfectly with our theme and we had a lot of fun with these.  As you can tell.....

edmonton fashion blog

They were a little bit messy (okay, majorly messy- I was finding glitter for days!), but they were so fun to use and I know I'll definitely be making these again. Cutting paper for the inside or using longer pieces of material would make for an easier clean-up.

party table decorations diy

Let us know if you make these for one of your own parties - because trust us, they're too much fun- just check Sarah out below in all of her "glittery glory"!

glitter explosion

Happy DIY-ing