Let's Talk the B-word......Balance

Well we're fast approaching 2014 and every year around this time I get asked about a "new years resolution". My typical answer-I don't make one. However, that being said I am the OCD list queen and I am big into setting goals throughout the year. I already started these a few months back with a focus on maintaining this balance into the new year. Because that b-word, balance, is always something I've struggled a bit with.

With work commitments, social engagements, friends and family, and finding time to get your never-ending to do list done and all of the joys of "adult responsibilities', life can be hectic and it's easy to feel like you never get a minute to just go aaaahhhhh.

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I am terrible for this. I like to talk the talk and never walk the walk. I'll plan to keep a night open to relax but then plans come up, your days start to fill up and before you know it, you're booking into your "night off". Sometimes learning to say NO is the most important lesson you can learn. I'm still working on that. But in the spirit of the new year, here's a few ways I'm trying to work on finding my balance. Maybe you'll find these helpful too.

1. Turn the phone off

A few weeks ago I took a night "off" and turned my phone on silent. It. Was. Awesome. I didn't realize how much time I spent on my phone - and I already consider myself to be conscious to not be constantly on my phone. (Side note: It's such a pet peeve of mine when you're with friends that constantly text or check their social media feeds, so I'm already pretty aware to not be too tied to my technology.) I was able to go about my evening without being buzzed and binged at constantly, it was relaxing, productive and you know what, despite the fact that I came back to a ton of notifications- life went on and no one was very upset when I said "sorry, turned my phone on silent for the night". So unplugging at least once a week is definitely something I'm going to be doing.


2. Take time to workout.

Not only do I love the physical benefits of working out, but mentally, the benefits are countless. Taking that 30-60 minutes to do something for yourself is something I've learned that I need mentally and emotionally. It's a great mood & energy booster and totally reduces stress. The to-do list never ends, the house will always need tidying, there's always things I'll feel I need to get done before I get to workout, but those can wait. Taking that time a few days a week to go to barre class to dance and burn your stress away, or yoga- which totally clears my mind, or pounding it out in the gym makes me feel so much better. Plus, then I don't feel so guilty having a glass of wine or two (wink wink). Which leads me to.......


3. Allowing myself to enjoy the indulgences

I find that as women, we can be very hard on ourselves. We're always "watching what we eat", trying to lose that "last 5 lbs", and I'm no different. However, something I started a few months back was switching quantity for quality, and dropping the food-associated guilt. Rather than more frequently having a treat that's not really that great and I feel guilty about after, I indulge less often but in a better meal that I enjoy way more. Or I'll take the time to bake goodies at home such as the macaroons Sarah, Kali and I make, or this treat that's on my list to try. When you put the work in to make it yourself, or indulge in something that you'll really love, you enjoy it more.

Plus- yeg has some wicked local restaurants. Some of my faves if I'm looking for a treat on a night out: Zinc, Culina (fried artichokes on the charcuterie board - ah-mazing), Red Ox Inn and Canteen- just to name a few.

Did any of you make goals or resolution for the new year? Share below!


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