Guide to a guilt free Holiday

Not that i'm counting, but we only have one week and one day until Christmas. Along with that comes all of the baking, dinners, drinks, and festive lattes. To avoid getting too into the thick of it this holiday season, I've compiled a list of my favourite tips to enjoy your favorites while still fitting into your clothes come New Years. 

5. Don't skip meals.
During this time of year it seems like we never stop. Between work, holiday shopping, non stop shovelling and holiday parties we are constantly on the go. Make sure you're not leaving more than 3-4 hours between meals or snacks. This will keep your energy up and curb those cravings. I always keep a ziploc of raw unsalted almonds in my bag for these days. 

4. Simple Swaps.
My favourite comforts during the cold winter are the warm and hearty foods and drinks. Keep that comfort and lose the calories by doing some simple swap outs. Trade a high calorie grande egg nog latte (460 Calories regular, 440 calories non fat) for a Grande non fat cappuccino (60 cals) or even better yet a brewed tea (0 cals).

3. Help me, Help you.
Potluck holiday parties: help be part of the solution, not the problem. Try bringing along fruits and veggies, whole grain pitas with hummus, or homemade salsa with baked tortilla chips. When in doubt, eat a small meal at home before going out to avoid filling up on junk.

2. Keep active.
This time of year it's dark when you get to work in the morning, and dark when you leave. When it feels like you are spending the entire day locked up in your desk, it can be hard to stay motivated. Set aside time in your schedule to work out, or even better get a work out buddy to stay accountable.

1. Live a little!
Seriously, it's Christmas. Your body is supposed to get a little "festive". Enjoy the things you love that come around once a year (turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, your favourite baking) and ditch those that are free for your cheat meals year round (mashed potatoes, chips, chocolate). This should help you to feel satisfied while avoiding the classic gorge.