Barre Body Studio - 30 Day Challenge


As Diana recently mentioned in a Park Pick, her and I took on the Barre Body Studio 30 day challenge. Barre is a low-impact work out that combines pilates, yoga and dance for an all over body toning experience.

In September I attended my first class where I went through the now familiar cycle; warm up, arms, legs, butt, abs, cool down. The next day every one of those parts were killing me! Who would have thought holding plie would hurt that bad!

So naturally, it seems totally sane to sign up to do this to myself 30 times, in 30 days. After a wedding in the family and coming down with the flu, I ended up doing 2 classes/day for multiple days, inadvertently becoming completely addicted! The 30th class ended with so much excitement for me, there are few better feelings than setting a goal and reaching it! As an additional bonus, I noticed toning everywhere, including places I haven't seen results before. As women we all have different spots that we would like to work on. What I love about Barre is in one class you cover all of the main ones. My arms, back, tummy, thighs, calves and especially tush have firmed up a little more with every class! With results like that BBS keeps a girl coming back!

If you're thinking about attending a class for yourself, definitely try out the "Barre Body Fit" class first, "Barre with Bands" can get pretty intense, and "Barre Press" is a 45 minute version of "Barre Body Fit". Your class will be taught by:

Megan - Megan, sweet Megan. Not! She will make your arms want to fall off. Also when she says it's time for the clam shell series, run far away! Or stay... and get killer buns. 

Elissa -  You had better bring your a-game to Elissa's class because as she says "This is not a hang out, it's a work out!" Elissa is behind  Food. Fitness. Function, look no further for nutritional services as girl looks ridic.

April - April brings sunshine to every one of her classes. Between laughing most of the class and her seriously intense ab series, April will leave you in stitches. 

Amanda - I haven't had the pleasure of taking many of Amanda's classes but I have only heard good things! If you are a late night barre'r you will be seeing lots of her!

One of our favourite local fashionistas is also joining the team! See you in class Marie a la Mode!


To celebrate the completion of the 30 day challenge and the fabulousness that is Barre Body Studio.... We're having a giveaway! Like our Facebook page below to be entered to win a Barre Body Studio 5 Class Pass! ($100 value). Choose all options below for maximum chances to win! The lucky winner will be announced next Saturday Dec 14th. 

Bon Chance!