Park Picks 12. 13. 13

Kali's Picks

1. Urban Decay "Naked 2" Palette 

For my GTL post this week, it was all about make up! I wanted to share with you the Palette Jen used for 99% of what was on my eyes - The Naked dos. I have had my Naked OG for a couple of years now, and my favourite shades have been whittled down to the point where I was considering replacing it. That was until I was introduced to it's better, badder counterpart. This palette is next on my list because unlike it's predecessor, NAKED 2 has more of the lighter hues that will play nicely with day to day wear.

2. Osis Dust It 

This mattifying powder is my favourite secret weapon. As you know from former posts, the less hair intervention for me, the better! Well, somedays when you hair is actin cray it's screaming to be intervened upon. If it's gone limp, sprinkle some of this angel dust into your roots for a tease worthy boost, without damaging the sh*t out of your hair backcombing. Dust it + greasy roots = amazing volume.

3. Flint the Pomeranian

Warning: the following will potentially make your heart explode. Unless you are a total monster, then you will feel nothing. Flint the Pomeranian's unbelievable cuteness is giving me the puppy crazies (as if I don't have them enough already). Studies show those with pets have lower stress levels, so if you're having a bad day just check out little Flint and turn that frown upside down!

Sarah's Picks

1. Songza 'R&B/Hip Hop Pool Party' Playlist

You just have to love this early 2000's hip hop playlist! Brought to our attention by the beautiful ladies at Coup boutique, we had it blasting throughout our entire holiday decor set up in their store. Don't even pretend that it's not amazing!

Image 1/2


2. Thug Kitchen

Lots of people learn to cook from their wise grandmothers. This is NOT her. (Unless you have one of those saucy grannies!) ...This is the most hilarious, laugh out loud food website ever! Full of mouth watering recipes with a focus on freshness, health, and whole foods, this website makes it way fun with commentary that would make your mother cry.


3. Nate Berkus for Target

Who doesn't love saving some dollars? In my opinion, every space should be a mix of high/low items, but no one should know which is which. Target is famous for bringing in higher end designers to bring style to the masses, and this collab is no different. Berkus mixes metals, woods, and rich fabrics to create a strong collection leaning a little on the masculine side. I've already purchased the woven ottoman for myself and accent pieces for a project that I'm working on. 'Nuff said!

Diana's Picks

1. Agate Coasters

Okay so I'll be honest the first time I saw these bad boys floating around again I was not overly enthused.  I remember rocking these on super tacky necklaces (with the thick black string-remember those?) in the 90s.  But as they say, trends cycle and if what I've been seeing is true, then agate is making a comeback; and dare I say - I'm into it. You won't be seeing me werk these as earrings again (or who knows, maybe you will) but the coasters sets I've been eyeing up online are a great way to add some color, sparkle and glam to your home.  Here's a few of my favorite sets.

Image 1//2//3//4

2. Caitlin Wilson Textiles

I first stumbled across Caitlin Wilson's shop a few months back when I was looking for cushions for my home. I died when I saw her site. Everything she carries is 100% my style- I love it all! My initial idea was to pair the Navy Fleur Chinoise with the Pink City Maze and the Navy Souk Trellis but then I scrolled down further and saw the collection of the gold pillows and realized that I need more cushions in my life and I should probably just order them all! Here's a few of my faves (but honestly, I love them all) and be sure to check out her site to see all of the beautiful cushions and fabrics she carries. Image 1//2

3. H.O.N.Y. Book

HONY - aka Humans of New York has quickly become one of my favorite facebook pages over the past few months. The HONY page showcases local New Yorkers in their day to day settings captured by Brandon Stanton, a New York photographer who photographs people so honestly and naturally, and always with a little story about his subject.  I was so excited when he announced his book release a while back that is a compilation of his works.  If you're struggling for a last minute gift idea, I would highly recommend this book and if you have a minute be sure to check out his page!