Holiday Makeup Look- Sarah Gets Some Smoke!

Welcome to day 2 of makeup week on 204 Park! Today I get to unveil my holiday look, created by the fabulous Jen Bagnariol.

Personally, I love to have my makeup done. I don’t do it too often, but if feel like I’m in a rut or I want to know if the products that I’m using are right for me, it's the perfect solution. That said, it’s always a bit scary trusting your face to someone else’s vision… am I right? Any hesitation that I might have had was totally tamed when I looked at Jen’s online portfolio. This girl knows her biznass.  

My daily makeup routine usually consists of some bronzer/blush, some eyeliner, and mascara- like Diana mentioned in her post , I could do it in 5 minutes with my eyes closed. I’m usually a bit of a chicken when it comes to dark colours, because I feel like I’m too fair to pull them off. Although… there was a small stint when I was 18 that this didn’t apply: I was newly legal and felt that dark grey eyeshadow was the only thing appropriate to wear to the bar. Ooooh la la, Sarah! Needless to say this time around I wanted to know how to do it right. 

Makeup and Starbucks... I'm in heaven


Jen started off with some foundation (Airbrush! So cool) and then followed that up with highlighting and contouring. This is the latest ‘it’ thing in makeup artistry… shadowing and highlighting to create the cheekbones/nose/chin/whatever of your dreams. I thought this was cool but probably much more than I would ever do on my own. Of course, that’s why this was a done-up holiday look!

 Jen wanted to up the smoke factor from my usual makeup routine for this look, so she dipped in to her shimmery greys for my eyes. This really made them stand out! It was so much more than I’m used to but perfect for anything from a holiday party to a cocktails night. 

Because my eyes were so strong, my lips were played down with a light coral gloss that gave them just a bit of pop without taking away from the eyes. Loved it!

Jen really is a doll- not only did she make us look fab, she brought us some Stella and Dot Jewellery to play with! I wanted something to accent my necklace, so I picked a fabulous silver and faux diamond bracelet. Isn't it gorg?? Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge bracelet girl, so it was perfect! 

Voila! The final holiday look.

I hope you enjoyed! 

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