GTL: Cameron Diaz & Kelly Wearstler

Happy Wednesday! It’ time for another installation of GTL and today’s look is one that I’ve been in lust with since the moment I laid eyes on it. Behold - Cameron Diaz’s Manhattan apartment styled by the one and only Kelly Wearstler. Anything that madame Wearster touches pretty much turns to gold, and this space is no exception! Check out the full article in Elle Décor and you won’t be sorry. 

I particularly love the living room area in Diaz’s apartment. It’s a feminine mix of soft coral-y pinks, yellows, off-whites, warm metallics, and texture like no other. A space like this is definitely calming and cozy, but what I like best about it is that it’s also inspiring, unique, and eclectic. You don’t get much better than this!

We can’t all hire Kelly Wearstler to design our homes for us, but we can take her amazing vision and use it as inspiration for ourselves, and that’s what we’re doing today! I want to show you that when you use a general feeling as a guideline rather than copying something piece for piece, you’ll end up with your own version of something that you love. 

So without further ado, let’s break it down. You can see the full compilation of items at the bottom of this post, along with all sources. 


Wearstler used a custom wallcovering to achieve this textured look. Loving the dimension that this adds, I looked to a pink-toned grasscloth wallpaper. Love!

Graphic black and white artwork is easy to find in any scale and price range. You can even get creative and make something yourself! For this look, keep it soft and smudged rather than harsh and contrasted.



For overhead lighting, try a capiz shell chandelier to get an airy, flowing feel with a hint of shimmer. For table lamps, Wearstler used a chunky, off white table fixture- these are relatively easy to find and I’ve chosen a few here to give you a feel for how flexible you can be with this. Any of these gorgeous fixtures would look great!



A velvet sofa in a soft neutral velvet is timeless. I love this one by Crate and Barrel! Another masterpiece that they've created is this yellow armchair. It's gorgeous and so much fun. The pink armchair that's used in Diaz's space is custom piece (what I love about it is it's texture, colour, and overall structure). G Romano makes a chair that I've always loved with perfectly appropriate structured arms. Not only that, but they offer custom fabric options to let you pick the perfect soft coral pink. 



This is where things really get eclectic. From a stone (marble, travertine, or granite will do) coffee table to black side tables and brown leather and gold legged stools, pretty much every base is covered. This is a true sign of talent: a mix of materials, styles, and designs that create one cohesive look. Adios, matchy-matchy. 



No space is complete without accessories. I love Kelly Wearstler's 'Objects' (she designs quite a collection that I adore), but I also love mixing items from different manufacturers and price ranges. Let's face it: I'm not buying a Soulman or Dichotomy Sculpture any time soon (much as I would love to), so one way of bringing a little KW in to your home is with one of her amazing coffee table books. I've included  a few others here that will add beauty to any surface and happiness to anyone who opens them!


Now that we've broken down all of the elements, let's put them together for the final look. Shopping sources can be found below if you're so inclined to get yourself a Wearstler-inspired room! 

GTL Cameron Diaz appt.jpg