Park Picks 01. 17.14

 Diana's Picks

 1. Brass Pig

Okay guys seriously - how rad is this vintage solid brass pig? I've been obsessing over this guy for YEARS but knowing my aim for originality, my mom scoured the internet for something a bit more one of a kind and he was one of my favorite Christmas gifts. He still hasn't found his permanent home but I know wherever he ends up, he's already the perfect addition to our home!

 2. Cobble Hill Carson Bag

By this point my obsession with Kate Spade is certainly no secret and is verging on borderline ridiculous.  In my defense though, just take one look online and tell me you don't love EVERYTHING! My newest KS crush - the Cobble Hill Carson shoulder bag.  I've been looking for a small(er) bag with a shoulder strap and this baby fits the bill 100%.  I can officially add this to my "need it" list.  



Kali's Picks

1. Maybelline Baby Lips

For that time when you just want a good old fashioned soothing lip balm, grab one of these cute little baby lips! My favourite is the peppermint (clear) in the green tube. Beware of the pinks and oranges as they do go on pretty intense. Toss one of these in your purse to stay moisturized during these oh-so-dry winter months.

2. Stella and Dot Sutton Necklace

This necklace came with a 5 ways to wear promise, and it doesn't disappoint! The Sutton has now become the most versatile piece of jewelry in my collection. The multi tones of metal match everything, and the adjustable length adapts for all different necklines. It's a no brainer piece thats a great addition to  any woman's collection. 

Sarah's Picks

1. Aveda Light Elements Texturizing Creme

I originally bought this because I adore the smell of Aveda products, but now I love it for how well it works. This creme doesn't weigh my baby fine hair down like other texturizing cremes can, and it's always my go-to for the ends of my bangs as well as the lengths of my hair when I put it up. 

2. Aveda Comforting Tea

It's an Aveda kind of day for me today ;) I drink tea daily, so I know what I like. I discovered Aveda's and became a convert of the slightly sweet combo of licorice root and peppermint. 100% organic, sugar free and caffeine free, this is the perfect cup to help me wind down at the end of the day. 

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