GTL : Furnishing Sarah's House!

Hi guys!

I wanted to fill you in on some of the excitement that’s going on right now. As you know, I’m about 10 days away from my due date (!!), but that’s not the only change that’s going to be happening over the next bit.

Crazy as it is, my hubby and I just bought a new house! You can laugh at me now or later. Or both. Our possession date is in early December so along with nesting, I really need to start packing up this house to get ready for the move. We’re really excited – the new house is in an older neighbourhood, close to downtown, and it’s got a modern design that we really love. That said, I’m also stressed about getting everything done in time!

To add to the to-do list, we’re also going change some of our furniture to suit the new house. As exciting as this is, I’m feeling a bit of a time crunch to pick things and order them so that we’re not sitting on the floor in the living room to watch TV for months on end! I thought I’d break down a few of the pieces that I’ve been looking at... and you lovelies can give me your opinions! Here we go:


Ok, this room is pretty much set! The dining table is the one item that has been purchased so far (as of yesterday), but we’re going to wait on pulling the trigger for the dining chairs so that we don’t have to move them when we pack up the house. They’re from Ikea and Structube, so I know they’ll be around for a while and I don’t want to deal with them yet! I’m loving the warmth of the walnut wood (these will go at the heads of the table) and the pop of white from the Eames-style chairs (2 of which will go along each length). You like?!?

Table - Discontinued / White Chairs / Walnut Chairs


This is where I'm struggling. We'll need a sectional and some side chairs, a coffee table, a side table or two, an area rug, and a floor lamp. With such a blank slate, I can't narrow down a direction! I want to get the seating chosen first but we haven't quite gotten there yet - other than the fact that we both love a classic Barcelona-style chair, so that's a front runner! Now, for colour?!? 

Barcelona-Style Chairs / Egg-Style Chair (both from Rove Concepts - loving this site!)

I'm leaning towards the grey, which has a bit of a distressed look and seems softer to me than white, or common black leather. I love how neutral and soft grey can be! But then, what sectional to pair it with? I'm shying away from anything super light or white given that our family is only expanding from this point on. I'm loving the look of this G Romano sectional (below), but a huge part of me wants to bring in some subtle colour with a minty greyed-green woven fabric. This also just so happens to be one of my favourite colours, so no big surprise there. The only issues might be A) Finding that fabric colour, and B) My hubby. Not sure sure he'll go for it. Hmm...


Once those decisions have been nailed down, I'll have to pick an area rug. I like to get the major things (sectionals, chairs, etc) out of the way before I pick rugs, lighting, accent tables, etc, because there are so many options to these that you can always find something that works. I've come across a few that I find interesting but I'm not sure what direction I'll want to go with this yet. Any thoughts on these guys below?? I think the middle two are my front runners. I fear the cleaning factor of the woven rug, and the abstract one is ah-mazing but maybe a little much for my love of all things subtle, haha!

Rugs 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

And finally, we'll need some lighting. You can never have too much lighting to layer throughout a space! I definitely want a floor lamp- table lamps might be harder because there won't be much furniture close to walls and therefore no access to outlets. Minor details, lol. 

Lamps 1 / 2 / 3

I'm liking the look of the middle lamp - incorporating marble with an industrial look. I really love the shape of the first one and would like to find something arching like this, but it might be a bit overbearing if there's no other black in the room. It would look ridiculously good with the black and white abstract rug though! So many options- which is your fave?

I'm planning on softening up the overall feel of the room with accents- textured and patterned throw blankets, pillows, etc. I love me some accessories! They're what really make a space. 

I hope you don't mind my long and drawn out post... I've been so excited to share the new house news with you guys and I'm curious to see what you think about the decor! Keep me posted because I love hearing what you think!