Park Picks 10.31.14

Sarah's Picks

1. Domain's Most Fashionable Pumpkins Ever

Who says that fashion and Halloween don't mix? These pumpkins perfectly capture the looks of industry insiders like Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and Jenna Lyons. They're totally crazy and a bit ugly (if I do say so myself), but they're also Halloween perfection. My faves by far are the Mary-Kate and Ashly Olsen pumpkins, but you be the judge! Check out the rest of the creations on the Domaine website. 

2. How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are

I first saw this book via social media (oh how I love its influence on my life) and finally decided to pick it up last week. Welp, I finished it in all of five seconds. That translates to: I loved it. Hilarious, easy to read, and completely chic-inspiring (I think I made that up), it's just the latest in my collection of many french-themed books that I'm totally obsessed with.


Diana's Picks

1. ABM Jolly Rancher Vodka

Since today is Halloween I thought it would be appropriate to share a candy infused easy DIY drink recipe courtesy of one of my favourite blogs - A Beautiful Mess.  If you find yourself with some leftover hard candy, why not give this fun DIY a try? Not only do these look great (we're a fan of color blocking, even with drinks!), we bet they taste delicious too! We'd love to hear what candies you use and how they turn out.

2. Pamela Barsky Pouches

A few months back through the wonderful world of Instagram I came across the work of Pamela Barsky.  I could go on and on about her hilarious work but trust me, just check her out for yourself. Determined to pick up a few (early Christmas shopping anyone?!) I made sure to stop by Artists and Fleas at the Chelsea Market to pick up a few in person.  Head over to our instagram page to see which one I grabbed for myself!

Kali's Picks 

1. Saving Otter 501

If you're not obsessed with otters yet, you will be after this PBS Doc. It chronicles the attempt to save the 501st orphaned otter to be rescued at Monterey Bay Aquarium. I won't spill the beans too much but this is some kind of heart warming. 

2. Urban Outfitters Glass Mug 

Puppies & Kittens
Is there really anything else to life? Sarcastic or not. This is awesome.