Thanksgiving Table Setting:Mini Pumpkin DIY

For all of our friends celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, we've got a seriously easy and stylish table setting DIY that is perfect for the upcoming holiday.  Mini pumpkins are affordable, easy to find and make for a fantastic accent that is totally DIY friendly (even for those of you who are DIY shy).  

So, what will you need for these placesetting pumpkins?

-Mini pumpkins

-Paint of your choice

-Gold paint pen

-Washi tape



Paint the pumpkins in your paint color of choice (I chose black and ivory).  Once dry, using a gold paint pen, paint the stem of the pumpkin.  When fully dry, take washi tape and wrap around the stem of the pumpkin, then using scissors cut the washi tape into a flag shape.  Use your pen to write the name or initial of the person to sit at that place setting and you're done! How easy is that?! 

Candle Holders // Cutlery // Straws  // Washi Tape// Placemats // Glasses (old, but these are amazing) // Scissors (Above) // Paint (Above) // Paint Pen (Above) 

There are so many variations you can try for using pumpkins as place settings for a holiday tablescape. I love the idea of using the gold pen to write the names on the pumpkin, or using a string or ribbon then attaching a little tag onto the stem of the pumpkin.  Have you ever done this for the holidays? Let us know your ideas below - we always love hearing from you!

PS- those tasty looking drinks on the table are a delicious cinnamon and citrus cocktail that is a must try! Check out the recipe here ICYMI on monday!