Pop of Red

Well, it's officially winter here in Edmonton which means that gone are the pretty fall leaves and colors and here to stay is the cool air and fluffy snow (of which I have a love/hate relationship with).  The day we took these photos was ridiculously cold.  Like, James kept yelling "try not to look so cold" as we were taking these photos so needless to say we snapped away then booked it into the car hoping for the best! haha Can you say #bloggerproblems?

Seriously though, this will not be the last you are seeing of this skirt.  It's safe to say I'm officially obsessed. As a curvy girl, I've always had difficulty finding clothing that fits me properly.  My waist is a few sizes smaller than my hips and this can create some problems when it comes to finding skirts or dresses that fit properly. Enter, eShakti.  This skirt was made just for moi, my measurements and my style.  I love the added pockets and the fact that it fits not only my waist but my hips too makes me a very happy girl.  I think it's safe to say I'll be twirling in this pretty skirt all throughout the holidays.  

And until November 30, eShakti is offering an additional 10% OFF with discount code ParkStyles at checkout.  See for yourself how awesome it is to receive a garment with the code "CUSTOM" instead of the size, it's pretty great!