Three Mani Updates

3 mani updates.jpg

Tis the season for festive nails so when I received my last Julep Maven box with a satin finish deep green and a fab metallic gold, I knew I needed to update my basic mani.  It doesn't take long to take a simple mani and add a bit of wow factor - and gold (IMO) was the best color for the job!

Start with your polish color combo - I chose this color not only because I love it, but because it has a satin finish so the metallic gold really pops! Once your nails have fully dried, then you're ready to add the wow factor.  Tip: I'd paint your nails and let them fully dry a day before adding the details, polish can be tricky and if it's not totally dry, you risk smudging and having to start all over!

I have lots of washi tape laying around so used this stuff since it's what I had on hand, but you can use scotch tape or masking tape too (if scotch tape, really make sure your nails are totally dry so it doesn't pull off any polish - I find it's a bit stronger than washi/masking or artist's tape!) 

Design One: Triangle

Take small strips of the tape and make a triangle design. Apply two light coats of polish to the exposed portion, immediately remove the tape (while polish still wet) then allow to dry.  If you want to add a clear top coat to protect, go to town then you're all set!

Design Two: Stripe It!

For this mani I cut small strips of washi tape and created strips across my nails.  I like this one because by choosing irregular widths and placements of stripes, it doesn't have to be perfect! Just layer your washi tape to create the widths and number of strips you want, paint, remove tape and voila, all set with a fun mani!

Design Three: Half & Half

This one was by far the easiest and most forgiving.  I just placed the tape roughly halfway up my nail, painted the exposed bottom half, removed and was good to go! 

Photo Details: Rings // Gold Polish - Mahima // Satin Polish - Ryan  // Scissors // Washi Tape

What design is your favourite? Have any others you'd suggest trying? I can't wait to do this with my favourite red polish as well!