Park Picks: 12.05.14.

Sarah's Picks

1. Gold Tassel Pillow

Fluffy pillows + Tassels + Gold. I don't even need to say more, but I will! I've actually used a different colour variation of this pillow in a showhome (here) and believe me when I say that it was even more gorgeous in person. The moment I spotted the all gold version, I was  obviously  hooked!  #needthisnow    

2. 2014: The Year In Fashion

From Lupita, to Normcore, to RiRi's bare-all dress, this list perfectly sums up 2014 in fashion. I absolutely love revisiting the most influential moments and seeing all the good and the bad that went down over a given year. I'll let you be the judge of where Kimye falls in that spectrum! (BUT how cute is baby North?)

Diana's Picks

1. Old Navy Mint Blazer

You might remember this pic from IG last week when I headed out to Old Navy for a little pre-black friday shopping.  I instantly fell in love with the color of this long cozy blazer so obviously, it had to come home with me. It is perfect as a long blazer, but will be great as a jacket as well in the spring or into the fall.  Also in this pic, this dress here which may or may not have (read: definitely) made it home with me too! 

2. Landeva Organics 

Stay tuned for a more in depth post on Landeva but I just needed to share this company with you guys.  Based in Calgary, Landeva is a Canadian beauty brand that creates amazing natural and sustainable beauty products (that don`t use any ingredients tested on animals-yay!). I can`t wait to tell you more about them soon but for now, check them out here and learn more about this amazing company! 

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