Ultimate Beauty Review: Veil Beauty & Beauty Box 5

Alright beauty fanatics, today's a good day because have I have two beauty reviews for you! 

veil beauty review

Let's start with Veil Beauty Co. I was thrilled to learn of Veil Beauty not only because I'm a lipgloss/lipstick fiend, but also because they are based in Edmonton! Can I get a heck yes #yeg! Not only do I love their lipstick, the color wears great, lasts long and feels awesome - but their product is cruelty free and these two ladies support a good cause as well.  With every duo, gift pack or multiple products are sold, they support Women for Women International.   

 My verdict: I'm happy to support these ladies and can't wait to try more colors! This won't be the last you'll be seeing of Veil Beauty on the blog either so be sure to stay tuned for more fun stuff with these ladies! 

beauty favourites

But in the meantime don't just take my word for it, why don't you give Veil Beauty Co. a try for yourself? They're giving 204 Park readers 15% OFF with code 204PARK!

Next up on the review list was Beauty Box 5.  I've always been curious about the different beauty subscription boxes that are out there so I was very excited to give the Beauty Box a try! With BB5 every month you receive 5 different beauty product samples.

beauty box 5

In my particular month I received a Hask Macadamia hair oil, a Nicka K eye shadow/pencil, a Dove moisture wash sample, a Laura Ashley body butter and a floss pack.  If I'm being 100% honest (which I always try to be on here), I was a little underwhelmed.  

The eye shadow was a full sized product that wears well and was a fabulous product that I would buy again, just probably in a different color.  The hair oil and body butter were also products that I enjoyed but the rest of the box was not quite what I had in mind. Dove body wash is a good product, but not quite the exciting new product I had hoped to try from a beauty subscription box, which is the sentiment I share with the floss. 

I had hoped to try more cosmetic products that I hadn't heard of or tried before and most likely, it's possible I just got a month that for me, wasn't very exciting.  I think to get the full benefit of a subscription like this, you'd need to get a few months of boxes to get a greater variety and just be aware that not every product is going to be for you.  

My verdict: For the $10 to $12 a month you pay (depending on your subscription choice) I do feel like you get your money's worth, my suggestion would be to sign up for the 3 month option so you get a greater variety of products to try. 

Have you ever tried any beauty subscriptions that you'd recommend? What are some of your favourite beauty companies, we'd love to try them out! 

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