Winter Pastels

We've been blessed this year with a particularly mild winter and I'm lovin' it! From November (sometimes October!) on, I'm usually seen shivering in my biggest parka but this year, with the exception of a few particularly icy days, I've been able to branch out a bit and rock some of my not-so-winter-appropriate coats such as this pastel beauty you might remember from here. The mint is a breath of fresh air from my usual black, grey and navy winter coats. 

I also love my Dagne Dover, that I picked up in New York a few months back. The color is gorg, I am obsessed with the gold hardware (check out those hexagonal zippers!) and it is an organizational dream with a ton of perfect and removable compartments and holders. While they don't yet ship to Canada, this is definitely a purchase worth using a forwarding service. 

And to finish off my winter wonderland look (don't we all go trekking thru the ravine in heels and bling?!?), I top it all  off with a pom pom hat and some bling - putting me right in the middle of casual and fancy, which is exactly where I like to be!