Park Picks 01.02.15

Kali's Picks

Top Google Searches of 2014 -  Nylon Mag

With 2014 all wrapped up I love knowing what everyone has been googling over the past year. Check out nylons list of some of my fave topics. 

Comic Sans Pledge

We all know one: A comic sans criminal. Using this font is not okay unless it's ironically or hosting party with a jumpy castle. Follow the link for a hilarious history of comic sans, why it's just not ok, and a pledge to forever banish this font of my nightmares. 

Diana's Picks

1. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Our friends at Too Faced sent us these Ultimate Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palettes to try out and not only are the colours stunning, but since they're made with real cocoa powder they also smell like chocolate! Let me just repeat that in case you missed it, this makeup smells like chocolate.  Nuff' said!

2. 9 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

The post-holiday "holy $*#t I spent too much money" blues can hit anyone hard, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to spruce up your place a bit for the new year.  Check out Elle Decor's 9 Tips to make your home look more expensive for some home redecorating inspiration!

Sarah's Picks

1. The Little Black Jacket

I received this book for Christmas from someone who knows me too well. Each page features a photo of someone noteworthy, wearing Chanel in a unique and totally style- savvy way. Did I mention that the photos were taken by Karl Lagerfeld himself? If you need another coffee table book in your life, this is it.

2. West Elm Prism Pendants

Oh West Elm, you'll always have my heart. These gold beauties are to die for! I love the angular styles and the way they show off snazzy filament-style bulbs. These would look amazing over a kitchen island, as accent lighting in a bedroom, or flanking a bathroom mirror. Love!

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