Park Picks 02.21.14

Kali's Picks

1.  Zooey Deschanel X Tommy Hilfiger

Zooey has teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger, releasing a line for this spring in her girly girl style. Red white and blue bring a classic nautical theme I can't wait to check it out! Available come April at Macy's.  

2.  Faces of Olympic Figure Skaters  

If you think this is funny, you're going to die when you see the rest. Sochi figure skaters caught in the perfect/worst moments. Check 'em out on Sad and Useless


Sarah's Picks

1. The Cross Decor & Design

As you may have seen from out Instagram, I spent the long weekend in Vancouver and loved every minute of it. One of the major things on my to do list was to visit The Cross, a decor store that the three of us here at 204 Park have followed and loved forever. It didn't disappoint! Check them out if you want to seriously gush over design goodies. 

2. Urban Outfitters Twerk Mug

There's not too much to say about this. Other than that fact that there's no way it won't put a smile on your face when you're having your morning java and thinking about twerking the day away! Ok, maybe just the morning. 

Diana's Picks

1. Elizabeth Arden Lipstick in Watermelon

I may be a self professed lip gloss fiend but lip stick used to scare me.  I was always worried my color would fade or smear and it would be an overall disaster.  When I met with Jenn Bagnairol last week I had her help me choose a few spring lip colors that would work well with my skin tone.  While you'll have to wait for the full post on that, my favorite color by far we chose was this one. What do you think? And, help a girl out - what are your favorite lip colors?

2. The BEST glass shower cleaner ever

Confession: I HATE cleaning my glass shower.  I bought one of those squeegees to use after every shower but alas, it sucks.  So- when my homegirl Sarah told me her secret, I immediately got what I needed to try it.  Dish soap + vinegar in a sponge brush.  How simple is that? I scrub the glass while my hair conditions and by the time I'm done my shower (the water you're using rinses it off), the cleaning is done too! (No need to squeegee!)  Give it a try!