Luxe For Less: Blue Mirrored Ray Bans

Thanks to style divas like these ladies, blue mirrored aviators have been on my want list for a while now.  Mirrored sunnies are a major trend right now and while my gut reaction was to go for a black pair - simple, stylish and goes with everything, I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone a bit so I went for blue!

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Now while I was vying after the ray ban brand aviators, I was hesitant because confession: I am not a responsible sunglasses owner.  I usually (with the odd exception) set a cap of about $50 on my sunglasses because in reality they rarely make it through the summer.  So- when I saw the pair I bought at Joe Fresh for $14 (!!!!) I was sold!

luxe and mid ray bans.png

Above - Luxe & Mid Aviators: Ray Bans // Below: Moi! Rocking the much LESS expensive pair for $14 from Joe Fresh

ray ban upload.JPG

Will you be trying the mirrored sunglass trend this season, and are you brave enough to go for a color?

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