Beauty Alert: Spring Lipstick Trends

Happy Easter Monday! For those of you who have today off work, I'm totally jealous- I hope you're enjoying reading this in your pj's at home (or at least that's how |'m imagining how I'd be spending my morning if I weren't at work!)  For those of you who are working today, I feel your pain! Now take a quick break and keep reading because today, we're talking lipstick colors for newbies.  As mentioned here a few weeks back, I went to our go-to girl for all things beauty Jen Bagnariol asking for some lip color help.  I've always been a gloss girl but decided that as a beauty resolution for this year (yes, beauty resolutions are a thing...) that I would step out of the box a bit and get more comfortable with lip color. I've always been nervous wearing lipstick that my color would smear or worse, look dry and cakey but such is not the case.  The more comfortable I've gotten with wearing bolder color, the more I let Jen give me some brighter colors to try. I even let Jen steer me in the direction of one of spring's biggest beauty trends - the orange lip! Don't believe me? Just check it out here and here- the orange lip is a pretty serious thing!  So, just in time for warmer weather and bright spring fashion here's a round up of a few fab and bright lip colors to try! 

1. The Perfect Pink - Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick in Watermelon

What can I say about this pretty in pink's fabulous! I already mentioned how much I love it in one of my park picks a few weeks back.  Totally easy to wear, and an easy transition for you gloss girls like myself for a first foray into bolder lip color.  This color was (surprise surprise) my absolute favorite of the bunch! 

2. Summer Red - MAC Lady Danger

Summer reds are very different to winter reds, so to add more of a pop Jen chose this color for me as an entry into the orange lip color family.  This was a fab bright red that I found moisturising and I loved the pop of bold color leaning slightly into the coral family. Just enough of a bit of orangey without taking me too far out of my comfort zone. 

3. The Barely There- ELF Studio Matte Lip Color in Nearly Nude

Us girls have ranted and raved about elf cosmetics since our discovery of them months ago. At $3.00 for this bad boy, you cannot go wrong.  Caution: I found the matte look a bit tricky if your lips are even remotely dry so I dabbed a bit of clear vaseline over top of the color to add just a bit of shine (that's the gloss addict in me having a hard time "letting go").

4. Radiant Orchid- MAC Heavenly Hybrid

We couldn't possibly talk about lipstick trends without looking to 2014's color of the year, Radiant Orchid.  At first swipe, I was a bit hesitant with this color but after just a few minutes, the color warmed up on me and now I love it.  With only one application the color is softer but add another swipe to amp up the look for a bolder radiant orchid lip. And bonus, this lipstick has lots of moisture so no vaseline necessary for this gloss girl!

5. Orange Territory - YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Le Orange

Jen gave me this luxurious lipstick to try that not too unlike the MAC color, was a red base veering into orange territory.  It photographed a bit darker than the orange looked in person but I absolutely loved this color.  While the YSL lipstick is a bit more of a splurge I have to say that it was the most luxurious lipstick of the bunch.  The color was long lasting and very moisturizing.  As a bonus- it's also SPF 15, so if you want to treat yourself to an extra luxe lipstick, I would highly recommend this one! 

So there you go- my favorite lipsticks for spring this year, brought to you by Jen and I! Did I miss any of your favorite colors? Let us know, we'd love to give them a try! 

PS- Honorable mention goes to Bite Beauty Cosmetics Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Clementine. The color is very pigmented so a little goes a long way.  Bite Cosmetics is vegan, animal cruelty free and Canadian, so this is a brand I'm more than happy to support.  My only complaint - I did find it quite drying, so vaseline/gloss over this lip color is a necessity.