Get The Look: Modern French Bistro Decor

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By now you might already know that I have a small obsession with all things French. It started before I was even really all that interested in design, and yet I’ve always had a crush on the look of a classic French inspired bistro. Not a coincidence if you ask me! Soooo, since I sadly can’t convince my family and friends to move to Paris with me (I mean, really people. Like it would be a bad thing), I’m breaking down how to bring a little bit of Paris here, or to wherever you are. 


Disclaimer: The picture above is a Paris restaurant that actually serves Japanese food. But it doesn’t matter if the food isn’t French, the décor is! So enough chit-chat- let’s take this authentic(ish) restaurant inspiration and bring it home! We'll start with the basics: Finishes.

French Finishes Text.jpg
French Finishes.jpg

Images: Grey Grout, Subway Tile, Hardwood, Crown Moulding, Carrara Marble

These are the backbone of your space. Distressed hardwood flooring gives that well-loved look. White subway tile (classic!) looks even more amazing with a dark grey grout. And one of my all time faves, Cararra marble*, is a go-to. And we can’t forget an old classic, crown moulding. This will add a bit of old world charm to your space.

*Be warned – this is a stone that will show your passion for cooking. It can be stained fairly easily, which to the French adds charm and patina. If that’s not your deal, consider this granite, instead. I'm so putting this in my future house.

Lighting Text.jpg
Lighting lamps fashion.jpg

Pendant / Sconces

What about lighting? Fear not, it doesn’t have to be pricey. These fab pendants are a steal of a deal at Ikea! Oh Ikea, how we love you. And if you have space for some sconces (in a built in eating nook, maybe?), they’ll add some serious coziness - go for gold if you want to match a little somethin-somethin that's coming up towards the end of this post!

Fab Furniture Text.jpg
Fab Furniture.jpg

Stool / Table / Chair

Again, the focus is on wood to bring in a warm, welcoming vibe. We can do this with this table and these chairs (again, Ikea!). These are bit more modern than you might see typically, but I love the lines and let’s face it – this is your house, not a restaurant, so you may as well go for something amazing. For barstools, something a bit more industrial looking balances the look nicely. I love these iron ones!

French Accessories Text.jpg
French Accessories.jpg

Cutlery / Napkin / Mug

Accessories should simple, stylish, and not too overdone. The French are always stylish without trying too hard, remember? Gold flatware looks good anywhere and pops in the otherwise neutral environment of woods and grey marble (and matches gold sconces!). A soft grey or white linen napkin (or other table linens) are classic and not too frilly or overdone. And of course, our love, Chapters/Indigo has a never ending line of mugs and other accessories that are perfect for a French bistro! Now all you need is this guy:

Stylish French Chef.jpg