GTL: Brass Bar Cart

How much did you love Diana’s Bar Cart edition of Luxe For Less yesterday? I’ve always wanted one and might have to go and make a purchase now, thanks to her. Luxe For Less is a serious influence on us 204 Park Ladies!

So, let’s assume that you all nab up the sweet deal that Diana found. Now you need to accessorize that little gem! There’s no sense in displaying your barware if it doesn’t look great, which is why for today’s GTL I’m breaking down how to style your cart. And take note, loves- these tips can just as easily be adapted for the table or counter that you use as a bar station when you’re entertaining. Have a peek below for some inspiration and get creative! 

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With these images as inspiration, we're going to break down exactly how you can style something of your own! First, you want to make sure you cover all the bases: select some key liquors of choice, knowing that you don’t have to have one of everything. Fancy decanters are definitely and option, but don’t be afraid to leave your booze in its original bottles either. They add character!

Next , you’ll need your bar accessories. These can be martini shakers, rocks glasses (just a few – we don’t want clutter), an ice bucket, muddlers, or any other drinking paraphernalia that will come in handy for the types of bevvies that you like to serve.

Last but not least, don’t be shy to add some whimsical accessories to your bar cart. Striped paper straws, gorgeous blooms, beautiful books, sculptures, and artwork are all amazing additions that show off your design style and personality! Check out the ideas below and then let us know how your bar decor turns out! 


Bar Cart Accessorizing.jpg

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