Park Picks: 03.14.14

Diana's Picks:

1. Hotel Le Germain Calgary

As you're reading this I am on my way to one of my favorite hotels with my man to celebrate his 30th birthday! I love the uber contemporary vibe and luxury feel of this hotel that is a mere 3 hours away.  If you ever need to stay in a hotel in Calgary, trust me, this one does not disappoint. Nothing like a little "stay-cation" to celebrate a milestone birthday! 

2. Full House Lottery Show Homes

Looking for something to do this weekend in yeg? Why not have a peek through this year's Full House lottery homes? From bright and blingy, to earthy with a live feature wall and a brick and beam modern bungalow, there's sure to be a home that inspires a few decorating ideas in every visitor.  Plus, drag your guy along and if he's not into the decor, he can drool over the fancy cars that come with the houses! 


Sarah's Picks

1. Power Trip

I'm notorious for draining the power from my phone at superpower speed, which is the second reason that these little chargers and cords caught my eye. The main reason of course, is that they're so dang cute! I love the colours, patterns, and overall fun look of this. I just made another 204 Park-inspired purchase! Ps- just launched their new 'Have Fun, Ok?' collection. Check it out because it rocks.

2. CB2 Suitor Graphite Stripe Loveseat

The first time I saw this gem at CB2 (online, as we don't have a store here, sadly), I knew I had to use it somewhere. I've been dying for the chance to show off this graphic print and now a new showhome that I'm working on has proved to be just the place! It's still a few months away from being ready, but the loveseat has been ordered and delivered as of yesterday! Woop woop! 


Kali's Picks

1.   Elf Translucent Mattifying Powder

For me, a full face of foundation is just not going to happen most days. For a perfectly fresh everyday look, I love topping a tinted moisturizer with a dusting of this powder. It takes away unwanted shine and sets your coverage for the day. Did I mention it's $3.00 and works just as good as the Smashbox one? 

2. L'oreal Power Moisture

Finally, winter is coming to an END! As exciting as that is, my hair still has some baggage from being in a freeze/thaw cycle for months. With some deep conditioners being quite heavy, my on-the-thin-side hair loves the lightness of this conditioning mask. After only one use both smooth and shine factors were noticeably increased. 

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