March: Month in Review

What can we say about March that Chris hasn't said about Gwennyth? It's cold, frigid, and we just want it to be over. Although the weather hasn't been cooperating with us, we had some great times in the month of March including some amazing giveaways, shoe shopping, and of course a super fun field trip to Oliver Apt and a visit to Western Canadian Fashion Week. 


We kicked off the month with March Madness Giveaways - a new giveaway each week to celebrate the coming of Spring! (Not that it feels like it outside-womp womp)  Stella and Dot bling, three gel manis, nutritional services, and two gift certificates to a high end consignment store made for 8 very lucky readers this month! 


We've gabbed about our love for Jilly's Boutique a few times, we know. But Diana and Sarah made a special trip at the beginning of the month to get  a sneak peak at all of the amazing new spring goodies that are coming in from Angela and Elizabeth's buying trip, and we couldn't help sharing photos! It seems like you all loved the lip mugs, and we don't blame you- we each took one home last week! (See??


Diana and her man took a mini weekend getaway to celebrate his birthday in Calgary to stay at one of their favorite hotels, Le Germain.  A sweet room upgrade and a welcoming gift only helped to solidify why this hotel makes Diana's list of favorite places to stay.  Just have a look at this contemporary room- perfect for a relaxing birthday getaway! 

Kali was lucky enough to get a pair of Poppy Barley boots from her beau for Christmas. Now the tough part was to pick which of the great styles and yummy leathers to choose from. The three of us made a trip over to see Kendall of Poppy Barley. Kali was measured for boots and we scoped out the office for a future design project (stay tuned for this one!)


The three of us took a field trip over to Oliver Apt to check out some amazing woodwork in action. Not only do these guys know what they're doing in the shop, but they also know their way around a BB gun and were patient and brave enough to give us a little lesson too! We'll be sharing a bit more about our fun trip in a little bit but for the meantime, here's a few pics from our visit! 


Lastly, the three of us went to check out the opening night of wcfw.  An emerging designer competition saw Shannon Fielding take first place for her stunning white and blue lacy dress and bright patterned jacket combo.  There was an amazing performance by the beyond talented Jasmine Singh, a Whyte Ave showcase with some fab clothing from Bamboo Ballroom, the avenue clothing co. and a risque presentation from the briefing room (wink wink ladies!). Another favorite of ours was a standout collection by Susanna Pearcey- and that's just to name a few highlights.

This month has flown by so fast and we're sure April will do the same as we have more exciting posts and collaborations planned! As always, we'd love to hear from you so if you have any ideas, questions, requests or just want to say hi, make sure to drop us a line at!