Luxe For Less: White Watch

I looooove white watches, and I've owned at least one for the past 6 years now and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. I think they look so fresh and cute, and they're especially perfect in the summer (if it ever comes! Seriously - this snow).

My current lil number has disappointed me because it discoloured from my leather jacket and I haven't been able to restore it back to it's original glowing state - which has never happened in all my white watch wearing days! Sooo you can imagine how excited I was when I wandered in to chapters this week and found the adorable watch below for a whopping $25! That's right- the cheapest, cutest watch I ever did see. Obviously I snagged it up and it works perfectly with pretty much everything else I own.

(Also in this pic, clockwise from top left: Stella And Dot Sutton Necklace, Chapters White Bamboo Bangle, Crown Bead Bracelet From Jilly's Boutique, and Stella and Dot Silver Renegade Bracelet)

Don't think you'll be making it in to Chapters any time soon (you'd be crazy not to), but still looking for a summer watch? I wouldn't be disappointed in you if you picked up either of the options below:



Luxe Option // Mid Option // Less Option


The only downside is that you'll likely only buy one. Did I mention that I picked up the Chapters watch in light blue as well? #cantstopwontstop