Park Picks: 05.16.14

Diana's Picks

1. Fancy Bad-Ass Bitch Candle

If I were a candle, this is what I'd be.  I haven't even smelled it and I already knew I love it.  I am a sucker for sass and a candle branded as a Bad Ass B*tch is right up my alley.  What scent is it you ask? "Any scent I F*N want!" - I'll take two please! 

2. Vince Kasia Mule

For me as soon as spring hits it's wedge time! I find wedges very comfortable and of course super cute and these Kasia mules (mules being the IT shoe for spring ps) are right up my alley.  Available in the equally chic nude and black options too,  I'd like all three! 


Kali's Picks

1. Urban Barn Miko Collection in Teal  

When it comes to home decor, teal is my go to. When it comes to my dishes though, it's gotta be white! So when I saw these mix and match babies I thought they would be perfect to mix into my current white set. 

2. MARC by Marc Jacobs Goldtone Watch

Continuing my teal theme, this bad boy is grandpa's watch get's a crunk new look. The chunky bracelet gives a masculine edge to the girlie teal face. Finished off with a simple bezel this is a classic cutie.  


Sarah's Picks

1. Converse Hi Glam Leather High-Tops

I don't even wear sneakers more than three times a year and when I do, they're never high-tops. But OMG! Look at these babies - rose gold snakeskin?! So over the top and so calling my name. I think I'd just like to put them on display in my house so that their glimmer can be seen at all times. Who says shoes aren't art?!?

2. Poppy Barley New Collection Launch

On Wednesday night, we girls hit up the launch of Poppy Barley's new collection at the fab Cory Christopher's studio. We had so much fun! From Frickin' Delights Donuts (they're vegan!), to a live DJ, photo booth, and lots of friendly faces, a good time was had by all. The best part of course, was having a peek at PB's latest creations - new leather colours, heeled booties, and more!