Park Picks 05.23.15

Kali's Picks

1. God Save LA - Totes Amazeballs 

These are the comfiest sweaters you have ever felt. I'm pretty sure this is what that toilet paper cat feels like rolling around in that fluffy goodness. Totes. Amazeballs. Yeah, I definitely picked one of these up at Refinery Clothing Co

2. Kate Spade + KEDS

There's nothing like a cute little ked for the summer. Around since 1916 these babies are officially a classic. Pair this with the always darling Kate Spade and you can't lose. Pair with jeans and a supa cute pink tee. 


Sarah's Picks

1. Nutribullet

Today's picks are straight from my kitchen! No joke, I start every day with a smoothie from my Nutribullet. Kale, spinach, frozen mixed berries (so easy to keep in your freezer), half a banana, and a dollop of plain greek yogurt are my go-to's and I usually top it with either water or unsweetened almond milk. So delish and SO much easier than a regular blender! I love it because there are only 2 parts to clean - the blade and the cup. 

2. Oh She Glows Granola Bars

While I'm on my health kick for the day, I have to tell you about the granola bars that I made yesterday. You can find the recipe here - they're vegan, packed with protein and the sweetness comes from the goodness of banana and dried cherries rather than added sugar. I'm always up for things I can grab on the go, especially when they're as healthy and tasty as these are! 


Diana's Picks

1. Frickin Delights Donuts

As Sarah mentioned in last week's Park Picks, we went to the Poppy Barley Design event where Frickin Delights donuts were available for us to try. Seeing as I have a serious weakness for carbs I decided I should probably try one (for research purposes only-obvi) and I was not disappointed.  I had NO idea what to expect from a vegan donut but dare I say, this is probably the best donut I've ever had.  Made locally in yeg, if you get a chance be sure to give them a try!

2. Paris in Four Months x Steph Sterjovski 

Sometimes when you travel you find a place that becomes special to you and for me, one of those places is Paris. We already love Steph Sterjovski (as we've mentioned a few times before) so when we heard she was teaming up with another one of our favorite bloggers we were beyond excited. Just check her instagram and you'll see why we love her. I've already got my print on order (this one) and cannot wait to get it!