Park Picks 05.30.14

Diana's Picks

1.Songza "Acoustic Versions of Pop Songs"

I have pretty eclectic taste in music and that's why I love songza. Hip Hop, Pop, Indie, Modern Rock..whatever I'm in the mood for- they have a playlist for it. 90's One Hit Wonders, SoCal Summer & Hip Hop Pool Party have been my go to's for the last little while, but I recently came upon "Acoustic Versions of Pop Songs" and I've been playing it ever since. Songs you know sung by beautiful voices you maybe didn''s a great playlist that I love to listen to at work. The best part? Songza is totally free on your computer or download the app! We love it.

2. Coconut Chips

Confession time: I have a serious thing for chips; but usually my vice is potato chips. Well, move over spuds because you've got some serious competition! I am OB-SESSED with these coconut chips that I frist tried while getting my hair done (thanks Chantelle!) and now I #cantstopwontstop. These bad boys just prove why coconut remains one of my favorite toppings/flavors. Sprinkle on yogurt, ice cream, salad or eat them on their own (but not too many - there is a bit of sugar in them!), but trust me - however you eat them, you'll love em! 


Sarah's Picks

1. Mid-Century Table Lamp

Have I mentioned my love for West Elm yet?!? I spied this midcentury modern task lamp on their website recently (oh how I wish they had a store in YEG!) and my heat fluttered. Gold, white, a stylish design, and real function (the height is adjustable for perfect lighting) = perfection in my world. Oh, and it's also available as a floor lamp! Swoon. 


Kali's Picks

1. Nike Runners - for $62!
Regular $95 - Made from sweat wicking mesh, lightweight material, and super fun colours, these sneaks will keep you comfy on your run in the summer sun! 

2. Blake Lively's Cannes Beauty Tutorial

Ummm, HELLO. Can you say bombshell? As the new face of L'Oreal beauty, Blake looked stunning at this year's film fest in Cannes. I'm a lover of L'Oreal myself - it's truly the best drugstore-level brand (as advised by an old high end product junkie hairstylist of mine), so I'm pretty sure I'm going to head out to buy all of these products. Glow on, sistahs!! 


2. Dancing Toddler will make your day

Wait for the drop. I have literally watched this video 10 times since yesterday. Cuteness Overload.