GTL: Contemporary Treasure Wall

Interior design is much like fashion, trends come and go but when you have a solid foundation set with good key pieces that is executed well, small pieces can be traded out season after season while the overall room never loses its wow factor. We absolutely love Erica Cook,  an interior designer who lives with her 5 sons, and have no idea how she manages to keep her house looking so fab! I have a condo with two boys (that would be my man and my chihuahua) and I have a hard time keeping up- so seriously, she's like super woman!  Style At Home featured her beautiful home last year and this little area is still one of my faves. 

Image Sources: Style at Home & Tracey Ayton Photography

They key to a successful gallery or "treasure wall" doesn't have to be symmetry- just balance.  A mixture of black and white frames and images with added pops of color, texture and finishes is what makes this treasure wall a success.  And a treasure wall should have exactly what the name suggests- pieces and images that are treasures to you, not necessarily what others will perceive as treasures.  The most successful treasure walls are mixtures of personal items or artworks mixed with purchased pieces and stand out items that have a story.  It might take time to build a treasure wall, but that's what makes it so special.  If you're like me and love the look and overall vibe of the wall above, here's a few suggestions to get started to making your own.  So, as always - let's break it down and get the look!

wall design ideas

SOURCES: 1. Sconce // 2. Smart Zebra Art // 3. WFT Horse Head // 4. Framed Sea Fan // 5. Gold Wishbone Wall Hook // 6. D for Design Art // 7. Vogue Cover Art // 8. Feather Art // 9. Paris Sketch Art // 10. Framed Luna Moth // 11. Williams Sonoma Bar Cart // 12. Black and White Striped Chair

Now that you're done styling the wall, it's time to style the bar cart.  Sarah broke down the simple and stylish ways to decorate your bar cart in March and she did such a great job doing so, I don't want to change a thing so check that post out here for her fab styling tips and check out a few more suggested bar cart and treasure wall items below.  Happy styling!