Month In Review: May

Happy June, Lovebugs!

It’s time for our usual Month In Review where we recap all of the fun we’ve had over that past 30ish days. May was a wild one! The month started off with none other than our little miss Kali’s birthday! Woop Woop! We ladies headed out for a night of drinks and delish eats that lasted all night long. There’s something that happens when you get a group of girls together on a Friday night, and it involves laughing till it hurts and all talking at the same time without taking a breath. Basically, the night was a success.

Sarah and Diana had the chance to stop by the grand opening of one of Edmonton’s newest and very fabulous stores, Harlow High Street. Clothing, jewelry, home décor, and everything in between, it’s a new hot spot that you should be sure to check out. Sarah scored this amazing gold picture frame and Diana’s earrings? SO pretty.

The three of us also stopped by the Poppy Barley spring launch party (hosted by the always fabulous Cory Christopher) for a peek at their latest and greatest designs. Have you guys seen the booties yet? Love! They also released some limited edition shoes that you have to check out ASAP. And of course, we can’t forget to mention our newest discovery that came about that night – Frickin’ Delights Donuts! We sampled the vegan treats and fell in love. So good! If they're vegan, they have to be good for you, right? Wink wink. (Image 1- Kali photobomb! Sources- Images 2 & 3).

You probably noticed our many posts showing off some fabulous clothing from Refinery Clothing Co (here, here, and here). Stay tuned because there’s more to come over the next few weeks! We had such a fun time collaborating with owner Christy (this girl is amazing, trust us), and Kyra at the store to snag some seriously gorgeous duds. We ended up with way more than we thought we would because we just couldn’t chose from one fabulous piece to the next, so we have a few more to show off for you. We just couldn’t resist! Here's just a small sampling of the goodness:

Last but not least, we had a surprise Saturday post this past weekend (here) where Sarah revealed her exciting news. She’s pregnant!! We’re super excited for our “204 Park Baby” (so we call it- we’re crazy like that) and Sarah’s SO happy to have finally shared what she’s been dyyying to tell you all. She’s just over 4 ½ months now and feeling good. Name suggestions are beyond welcome as she and Matt are drawing blanks but as I’m sure you’d all guess, she's got ideas galore for a nursery. You’ll be the first to see pictures as it comes along! 

We hope you all had a fab month and are looking forward to the sun, patios, and lazy days of summer that we hope will be coming with the month of June.