Baby G Gender Reveal!

I've been holding out on you guys. We found out the gender of our little soon-to-be munchkin a few weeks ago and I've been waiting for the perfect timing to fill you guys in! Any guesses? 


Here it is - we're officially having... 


WE ARE SO EXCITED you guys!!! Honestly, we totally thought that it was going to be a boy, which I would love to have one day, but I've always wanted a little girl and I'm so totally over the moon that that's what this little one is. Tulle ballerina skirts, sparkles and glitter, here we come! 

I've got a ton of nursery things planned that I'll have to show you as soon as I get  samples delivered and paint colours picked. I can basically sum it up by saying that it's going to be a super soft palette with clean lines and fluffy accents. I can't wait to show you! 

We're still working on names but it's way easier now that the list is cut down to just girl options. Any genius ideas for us? We're struggling to find something that's not too overdone, not too old school, and not something weird, with a confusing spelling, or something that she'll have to spend her whole life spelling out to everyone. So basically, we're picky. Ha ha!

This little miss has been crazy active so far. Not only do I feel her at all hours of the day, but every single ultrasound technician has told us that she's partying it up. I like to think that she's going to be spunky and feisty, but I'll let you be the judge with this ultrasound photo: look at those legs go! 

Not only that, but my baby bump has been growing by the day. I'm 22 weeks along now and there's no mistaking that I'm pregnant! Thankfully, I feel great and am really just enjoying the whole ride. Stay tuned for more updates!

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