YEG design spotlight: Oliver Apt

Oliver Apt: YEG's wizards of woodworking. Haven't heard of them? That's ok, you've most likely already seen their handiwork in establishments around the city. Today we're going to give you the low down all all things wonderful & Oliver Apt. 

As designers, we know the delight is in the details, that's the saying right? The work done by Oliver Apt not only has incredible craftsmanship, but style to boot. Think Bob Vila meets Tom Ford. Ok, that's a really weird thought, but check out my favourite OA projects below. All photos stolen from Oliver Apt


Duchess Bake Shop


I could make this post pages and pages long with all of the wonderful spaces. More of my faves include the bar at Belgravia hub (such a great spot for dinner if you haven't been!), Three Boars Eatery, Farrow, The Bower, and Caffe Tech, I highly recommend you check them all out here

Sarah, Diana and I took a little field trip over to Oliver Apt's shop to check out the nerve centre of this operation. We checked out finished product, works in progress, and of course a whole lot of wonderful walnut. It may have included BB guns and general shenanigans. Not only is Oliver Apt the real deal design wise - they're also hilarious, and genuinely great guys.

So, you love to support local but you aren't opening a restaurant? Don't sweat it! Oliver Apt has you covered with some goodies accessible for everyday design lovers. Our fave furniture pieces include the cheekily named, and clean designed Stool Sample and Skinny Legs.

With father's day comIng up, they've also got some kitchen goodies for those dads who like to chef it up. Pops doesn't like to cook? Key Largo and Law of Attraction also make great gifts. Check them all out here. If you frequent the markets around town, go say hello thursdays at the 124st Grand Market