DIY: Easy Ombre Napkins

I have to share a secret with you - I'm a wee bit terrified of DIY. Don't get me wrong, Pinterest Fails has brought a lot of joy into my life, however I think deep down it's messed with my psyche. Emotional problems aside, These DIY napkins were ridiculously easy. Just mix, dip, dry, mix, dip, dry. That's it!

Ok, so I'll elaborate on that: 

  • Purchase your dye of choice, I went with Rit Petal Pink from Michaels. I can't wait to do another set in my fave, TEAL!
  • Mix Dye using package directions to intensity of your choice. I ended up using half of the dye in one box. To test colour, dip a strip of white paper. If it's too intense for your darkest colour, dilute with more water. 
  • Once your colour is set, fold napkins as if you were about to set the table and dip into dye. I used a McGuiver style chopstick contraption (see below).
  • When desired hue is reached, pull from dye. Let "rest" so the dye will slightly creep up the napkin, blurring the dip line. 
  • After roughly 20 minutes I doubled the amount of water in my mix, and dipped the napkins again. Make sure to not overfill so you still have lots of white space at the top of your napkin.
  • Lastly, rinse thoroughly with warm water, hang to dry, bust out that iron and make these babies presentable. 

I purchased the 4 pack of napkins at homesense for $4.99 and the dye from Michaels was also under $5. So for under $10 you have yourself a wicked custom set of napkins, matched to your decor. You go Glen Coco!