Post-Travel Beauty Rehab

Hello loves, I’m baa-aack! I just spent the last 9 days soaking up the sun in Hawaii and loving every second of it!

We got back early yesterday morning and I busted out my usual returning from vaycay routine: unpack, start laundry, put away toiletries, more laundry, vacuum, shower, more laundry, and finally, the good stuff – the post holiday beauty treatments!

I love being low maintenance when I travel, especially when it’s a beach vaycay. Rather than spending time with makeup and blowouts, I opt for au natural skin, air dried hair and topknots, and generally spending as much time on a beach chair as I can.

When I get home, nothing feels better than a little spa treatment to erase the travel day and get me back to my routine. Mine goes down a little something like this:



I use a purple shampoo to cancel out any brassiness that might haunt my tresses after a few days of sun, salt, and chlorine. This one by Joico is my fave:



Nothing feels better after a week of sunscreen-lathered skin (and many hours on an airplane) than a good body and facial scrub. I like this one for my face, and this one for everywhere else. Feeling extra needy? Pick up a pair of these gloves from the Body Shop – they’re major.


I adore clay facial masks more than anything in this world, and have been relying on them during pregnancy to keep my skin clear and feeling good. The first thing I did yesterday when I hopped out of the shower was apply this one to help draw out impurities and toxins (I found it at Planet Organic in Edmonton).

Speaking of masks, remember this Park Pick of mine? I also give my hair a serious moisture drink by applying a handful of this and running it through my strands. Throw it all up into a loose pony and left it soak up the goodness for at least 20 minutes – I used my new (kid’s) hair ties to hold it all in place!


A week in the heat (ok, and pregnancy) also makes my nails grow at rapid speed and because I like to keep them fairly short, I give them a quick once over with a file. If I need a colour refresh, Essie's Laser Sharp Crimson is one of my go-to polishes for summer. A few swipes of this stuff and I'm good to go! 

Next (as in, after my polish dries), I’ll give my tootsies a bit of love with a foot file or pumice stone for any rough spots and follow it up with this seriously amazing Burt's Bees cream. Honestly, it smells amazing, moisturizes better than anything else I’ve ever tried, and a little goes a looong way.



Lastly, two of the most important things that you can do to get yourself back to your usual fab self don’t come in a bottle...

The first is hydration – SO important all the time, but even more so after sitting on a stuffy airplane and likely eating a few salty treats over the course of your holiday. Believe it or not, the more water you drink, the less you’ll retain! It also helps your body to flush out gross toxins and keeps your skin looking it's best. So drink up, babes.

Second: never underestimate the power of beauty sleep. It’s easy to rack up the late nights when you’re holidaying, and travel days usually either require getting up early, staying up late, or maybe even a red-eye flight. You might have seen my Instagram post saying that we were delayed leaving Hawaii for a day? Well, that involved our supposed overnight flight sitting on the runway for an hour, then sitting back in the airport until 3am, and finally hitting up a hotel around 4am. Followed up with an overnight flight that actually happened (yay) the next night. Now that I'm finally home and sleeping in my own bed, I'm catching up and showing the dark circles under my eyes who's boss. 

So, any other tips or tricks that I missed out on? I'd love to hear you dish on your beauty fixes for a post holiday pick me up!