Transition to Fall: The Jumpsuit

jumpsuit fashion

The summer days have flown by and we have officially entered the realm of fall weather.  Fall fashion is my favourite and once that chill hits the air, a sweater starts to become a necessary friend before leaving your home every morning. The jumpsuit, a stylish outfit in it's own right, is a great piece that you can easily transition into fall with a jacket such as this one I'm wearing from H&M's Consious collection.  Paired with creams, tan gold and deep green (fall colour staples) this jumsuit easily transitions from summer to early fall. 

I also love pairing a jumpsuit with a fall cardi and ankle boots like Eva Mendes or a denim jacket and sweet bag as seen below. A jumpsuit with longer sleeves becomes a better fall option, or, fake it with a blazer or jacket to add a layer to your summer short sleeve jumpers.  For some more style inspiration, check out these stylish ladies below, as well as a few more of my favourite transition pieces.  

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