Storage Ideas: Baubles & Bling

A while ago, one of our dear readers and gorgeous friends asked us for our advice on jewellery organization and storage - this one's for you, Aislin! We're each going to give you the goods on how we organize our baubles and treasures in the near future, starting today with my tips and tricks.

99% of my jewelled accessories are stored in these super handy stackable trays (available at Bed Bath & Beyond). They've seriously changed my life and have helped me to keep my growing collection under control. They're available in different configurations and can be purchased individually, so you can totally customize your storage to suit they types of jewellery you collect the most. 

The only catch is that there isn't a good way to store bulky, chunky, statement necklaces. I have juuuuust a few, and keeping them organized was starting to become seriously hard.

I picked up this horse statue at Homesense when I had a brainwave one day, and he's been rocking my goods ever since! Not only is he cute, but having my necklaces on display actually keeps me wearing them instead of forgetting what I have and abandoning something in a drawer somewhere.

How cute is this dude?! I owe him big time. 

So, what are your genius jewellery storage tips? With the amount that the girls and I are accumulating (I swear blogging turns you in to a shopaholic), we wanna know! Stay tuned for Diana and Kali's ideas too. These ladies know what's up.