Park Picks 08.08.14

Diana's Picks

1. Waterlogue App

I rarely pay for an app but I promise you this one is worth it's price ($2.99). Waterlogue will turn any image into a "watercolour".  Choose from different filters or levels of color saturation, water effect, brightness, etc. Just check out my original pic that I used three effects on - so cool! 

2. Old Navy Bracelet

Always a sucker for anything gold, this fab piece of arm candy made it's way home with me after a recent trip to Old Navy and has been a staple on my wrist ever since.  A bit of gold, some leather rope and at less than $7 seriously, what's not to love?!

Sarah's Picks

1. Lovefresh Hand And Body Lotion

I was doing a little shopping for a fabulous lady's bday gift a few weeks ago and I came across this lotion at Chapters. I bought some for her... and some for myself too! Actually, I bought two of everything that day - that just goes to show that we have similar tastes and are meant to be friends, right?!? Seriously though, the Key Lime Coconut, Pink Grapefruit Tangerine, and Pear scents are all to die for. 

2. Lily Maternity Tank By Hatch

Finding stylish clothes to wear during pregnancy can be seriously hard but since I discovered the Hatch line on Shopbop I've been living in this tank. I love the detail on the shoulders and it's SO comfortable. Not only that, but I'll totally keep wearing this after baby comes! 

Kali's Picks

1. H&M Home Linen Textile Bag

How adorable is this little linen bag? It comes in both grey and white frilly delight and would be perfect for all of my "waiting to go to the dry cleaner" goods! From H&M home for $12.95. 

2. Sweet Deal Clarisonics    

I have been eyeing up one of these Clarisonics for sometime now. The hype is big and the claims are somethin' serious. This deal has $113.00 in free product, and i decided to finally splurge and ordered online. Expect a review post with all the deets coming soon!