Park Picks 09.19.14

Sarah's Picks

1. SMP Dress

Swoon. I've already done my own walk down the aisle, but I had to share this dress for those of you who are planning one in the near or distant future. Can you say gorgeous?! As soon as I saw this, I instantly had a heart attack and sent it off to a girlfriend who's getting married soon. Soft ruffles + blush pink = speechless.

2. Rapture Cat Eye Sunglasses

Are these not the coolest?! When I first stumbled on them, I just assumed that they'd be a fortune because they look super designer-y and expensive. Well, surprise! at just $55, I'm pretty sure I'm ordering these as new staple to my sunglasses collection. And the fact that they're being sold my Netaporter instantly makes them that much cooler. 

Diana's Picks

1. Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

I have been obsessed with this bag by Rebecca Minkoff for a while now and every time I see it I fall more and more in love with it.  As fall approaches I am loving the black cherry (pictured) and ink leather colors.  The gold chain and hardware are the finishing touches on this beauty that I think is just too perfect! 

2. Inspired by Charm Recipe

You guys. We need to talk about this recipe. I try not to eat too much pasta because I am a bit of a carb monster aka once I start I can't stop, but this recipe looked way too good not to try.  After I made it, I mass emailed the recipe out- it's that good. If you're looking for an easy, slightly indulgent treat, you definitely need to give this a try!

Kali's Picks

1. Nick Cannons OTT Shoes

Dubbed "the most expensive shoes in the world" these $2M Tom Ford slippers took almost a year to make and are covered in diamonds set in white gold. Those Louboutin's you've been eyeing up ain't so bad!


2. Shopbop Leggings 

I've been obsessed with these leggings since Sarah's style post this week. Perfect to pair with cute booties or heels - leather leggings are quickly infringing on denim in my "go to" party pants department.