Games Day with the Girls

This past weekend Diana, Sarah and I took Saturday off to have some girl time. Of course for us this means an opportunity to try a new recipe, and show each other our newest additions to our 204Park Pinterest board, (follow us to find even more of our obsessions) and blog talk.

Speaking of recipes, have you tried Diana's pumpkin pie bites? These things are daaaangerous, partially because they are so freakin' good and partially they are so quick to whip up, HOLLA NO BAKE.

This weekend we also went for a bit of nostalgia playing one of my all time throw back games Uno and a Modern Classic "what did you just say?!" Mad Gab. 

We partnered with Mattel and their "Anytime is Game Time" program and had a blast playing games we haven't played for years! We love our nights out  but sometimes a chilled out day is what you need.  There really is nothing like a laid back day with your best girls to recharge and reconnect.