Preggo Skincare Essentials

Ok, let's get down and dirty with some of the realities of pregnancy. The main change that I've found in 33 weeks has been with my skin. Helloooo, hormones! It's crazy what an impact they can have. 

While 99% of my face is perfectly clear (yay), I've had to learn how to manage breakouts on my chin area (ugh. hate. annoying).

The tough part is that a lot of conventional anti-blemish products aren't recommended for preggos, which totally put a kink in my skincare routine at the beginning. And FYI- breakouts along your jawline or on your chin = 100% a result of out-of-whack hormones and therefore tough to deal with until they sort themselves out again. Ugh.

About a year ago, my hairstylist and bff told me about Murad skincare and I'd been using it and loving it to death before my pregnancy (especially the Clarifying Mask - you had me at hello). Everything was great! I stopped using it when I found out that I was preggos because the products that I was using contained salicylic acid, which sadly isn't so great for soon-to-be mamas and wee ones. 

I ended up experimenting with a few products here and there but hadn't found anything to rival my Murad loves. Until recently. I  started using the Soothing Gel Cleanser and Hydrating Toner and honestly? I. Love. Them. I'm a bit of a skincare fanatic and wouldn't be telling you this if I only felt meh about this stuff... but the obsession that I've developed for Murad products is so serious that I can't help but encourage anyone who's having any kind of skincare issue (preggo or not) to check them out. I'm not one to keep beauty secrets to myself if I stumble across something fabulous - spread the love and let everyone else benefit! Because secrets like this are too good to keep. 

Now let's talk about something else that all pregnant women fear: stretch marks. While I've read that your chances of getting them are purely genetic, my thoughts are that I'll do all that I can to prevent them, if humanly possible. 

Yet again, my fave product was recommended to me by a girlfriend, and a new mom at that.  I took her advice and have been slathering my growing baby bump on the daily with Biotherm Biovergetures Stretch Marks Prevention & Reduction Cream. And so far, so good! Honestly, I really can't even imagine getting bigger than I already am - whew! And I still have about 7 weeks to go, so while I've always been diligent about this stuff, it's now safe to say that I'm straight up hardcore. So far I've been nothing but happy with the light scent, light feel, and overall amazingness of this stuff. 

Lastly, my post-preggo plan is going to revolve around Murad's Body Firming Cream. It can't hurt and if it has a track record like the rest of the Murad products, I have a feeling that it's going to become one of my staples for a while. Has anyone else tried this yet? I'm curious to hear feedback! 

So there you have it- the DL on my skincare faves and secrets. If you have any other little gems, I would LOVE to hear them - spill, Dolls! And if you're on the hunt for new products to try, you know where to start. I hope you enjoy! XO