Kate Spade Inspired Magazine Holders

When it comes to us ladies of 204 Park, we believe that Kate Spade can do no wrong. I in particular have a love for any Kate Spade office accessories.  As I did with my Kate Spade Inspired planter DIY HERE, I decided to try a little Kate Spade inspired DIY of my own, with a few Ikea magazine holders and some spray paint and stickers from Michaels.  This is probably one of the simplest but chicest Ikea hacks, if you ask me!

To make the gold polka dot holder you'll need round gold stickers.  If you don't have round gold stickers or can't find any, you can do what I did and use round stickers you might already have, and spray paint them gold.  Once the paint is dry, they're ready to use!


Spray paint the corner hardware pieces in the magazine holder pack gold, and use a gold paint pen to colour the other silver hardware gold.  Once the hardware has been painted gold and is dry, you're ready to place your gold polka dots!

 I placed my dots approx 1 1/4" apart and used a cloth tape measure to keep track as I went.  I used the tape measure as a spacer between the rows, and to keep track of the distance between the dots. You can use a repeating pattern like I did, or just place them randomly for a less uniform look!

I wish I had thought of this when I was doing this DIY - I just might end up re-doing my gold and white planter this way because it was WAY easier!

For the black and white striped magazine holder you'll need black paint (or spray paint), masking or painters tape and a gold paint pen. 

Begin by taping lines across the magazine holder.  Then take the tape and cover the exposed hardware so it doesn't get sprayed or painted black. Make sure to press the tape down so that there is less risk of the paint bleeding through.

Once you've sprayed/painted the holder, remove the tape and allow to dry.  In the meantime, spray the corner hardware pieces gold. Once the black paint has dried, use the gold paint pen to cover the silver hardware on the holder.  If you need to touch up any spots you can use black or white paint or paint pens. 

So what do you think of these? Would you ever DIY office accessories of your own?