Home Accents: Accessorizing Your Space

As many of you probably know, my hubby, Alice and I moved into a new house last month! I'm dying to take pictures to show you guys, but right now we only have about half of the furniture that we need. Some is coming, and some still needs to be picked, but when it's all done I promise to give you a tour! (Here's a sneak peek though!)

In the meantime, I'm scouring stores for must-have decor pieces. A room isn't complete once furniture has arrived - it needs so much more. Accents and accessories make a space so, so much more finished, comfortable, and complete. 

So, if you're just finishing a room or have one that you'd like to revamp, you've come to the right place! I'm breaking down the most essential pieces for a living space and offering some suggestions for some of the cutest stuff out there right now. Let's break it down: 

Coffee table books are amazingly multi-functional. They provide hours of entertainment and are perfect for perusing with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, and they also look beautiful and act as decor. Stack them for a gorgeous effect! 


Image / Tom Ford / Kate Spade / Humans Of New York / Tricia Guild


Lighting is so much more important than most people realize. Without floor and table lamps, we're limited to overhead lighting that can be much too harsh sometimes. Layer your lighting, peeps! (Oh, and these amazing bulbs? A must-have!)

White and Gold / Copper / Gold Geometric / All White / Filament Bulb / Gold Dipped Bulb


Pillows, throws, rugs, sheepskins - what better way is there to add softness and texture to a room? Again, it's all about the layering! An added bonus is the ability to bring in the colours and patterns du jour without major commitment like on, say, a sofa. #scary

Grey / Floral / Stay Home / Yellow / Image


Lastly, accessories (also known as 'Objects' if you're fancy) are those little pieces that catch your eye and you can't live without: bookends, vases, sculptures, you name it. I've grouped flowers and greenery into this category too because nothing accessorizes better than a beautiful bouquet or a stylish bonsai! 

Quotation Bookends / Bonsai Tree / Gold Urchins / Vase / Gold Bowl


So, how are you doing with your decorating? I hope this list helps you fill in any missing pieces that you have, or at the very least gives you an excuse to go out and do some shopping. Or hey, just do it the easy way - online with all of the links above. Now that's convenient shopping! Happy decorating, dolls!