Holiday Traditions

Happy wednesday guys and gals! This time next week hopefully you'll all be getting ready to spend time with family or friends, enjoying time together and celebrating the holidays. On Christmas Eve I'll be at my mamas with James, my brother and Herman of course, ready to spend the night at their beautiful home and be able to enjoy Christmas morning together. With just over a week to go until Christmas I'm feeling surprisingly calm and ready lol. When James went away over the summer I actually started then to get some shopping and holiday prep done (I know, keener much?! haha). I knew that when he returned that things would go back to being busy busy and that they definitely did so I'm glad I got my $#!t together while he was away so I could enjoy this holiday season. Over this coming week we'll be keeping busy with some of our holiday traditions, heading to Candy Cane Lane, taking Herman for his annual photo with Santa and to drop off donations to the dog shelters. We'll be going skating, meeting up with a group of friends before the holidays to celebrate and trying to just relax and enjoy our time together. What will you all be up to in the week before the holidays?