Belvedere Holiday Punch

Today I've got the best holiday punch that's perfect for sharing with friends while chatting the night away.  It's the perfect cold weather, warm your insides kind of drink with classic holiday flavours like apple cider, cinnamon and allspice! And just FYI, they 100% taste better when served in these fabulous "Stay Fancy" glasses from Easy Tiger. True story. Everything tastes better served in gold ;) Here's what you need:

belvedere holiday cocktail

Pilgrim Punch

10 oz Belvedere vodka

14 oz Cloudy Apple Cider

3 oz Allspice syrup (To make All spice syrup just infuse simple syrup with Allspice)

4 oz lemon juice

4 lemon wheels

4 orange wheels

5 cinnamon sticks

Combine all ingredients in large punch bowl with ice and immediately serve. Serves 6-8 people

holiday punch
holiday cocktail

As a side note, I need to send some mucho props Aislin's way. She's the babe standing next to me who partied like it was 1999 with me for these photos on a saturday morning at 9am. That's a true girlfriend right there. You might remember I mentioned that Kristina and myself rented out the Project Loft to take some holiday photos and in addition to Breanne coming out to take these amazing photos, Aislin popped by for a few hours to help out with the madness. Because let me tell you people, it was Christmas chaos!! (Just check out some of these photos as evidence) Aislin was a godsend helping style, organize, keep me calm and of course, take these fab photos with me so thanks girl! 

holiday drink with vodka
holiday drink recipe
holiday cocktail
belvedere cocktail
holiday cocktail recipe