Industrial Decor

When you think of industrial décor what comes to mind? Open spaces, beams, concrete, brick, wood and modern furniture with textural accents. The color that first comes to mind? Gray. I love industrial décor, pairing cold harsh finishes with warm accents and adding personality through texture and accessories. Just look at some of these gorgeous spaces to see what I'm talking about.

As always, whenever I see a trend or design style I love I like to think of how I would incorporate it into my space. Sure I'd love to live in a gorgeous loft with concrete floors, exposed beams and brick walls but alas, such is not the case *le sigh*. So, if you live in the burbs, or even just in a less industrial space but you love the look of industrial design, what do you do? In addition to styling the room with modern pieces, a major design element is the wallcovering. Using wallpaper can add a contemporary and even industrial vibe when done right. I love these Graham and Brown wallpapers below because they add the contemporary gray feel that's so often associated with industrial decor. Not only that, but they all have a slight twist to them (which I always love when designing a space!). A tonal texture, a nature inspired motif, clean lined stripe and contemporary design are all unexpected design accents that when paired with neutral finishes, modern furniture and industrial accessories all come together to create a gorgeous industrial inspired space. Which wallpaper is your favorite?

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