Thoughts For The New Year

I've mentioned before that I'm not one to necessarily set new year's resolutions but rather, I like to set goals. I set goals often - short term goals, quarterly goals and of course, goals going into the new year. 

These goals are often goals with my relationships- those around me and what I want to both bring to and receive from my relationships. They're also goals about my health both mentally and physically. Goals about my career are a big part of my life right now as I work through this transitionary period. And lastly, a few goals that don't fit into one of those categories but are important. 

I was perusing my girl Kayley's site Wrinkle and Crease and I saw these two prints that caught my eye not only because they look great but also because they 100% speak to the goals I have for 2016. While I usually sit down and write my goals out in detail, here are some snippets from a few of mine.

Work on listening

I can talk a million miles a minute and quite often, with no breaths necessary to slow me down! lol I like to think I'm a pretty good listener but there are definitely times where I'll leave a conversation and think I could have spent a little less time talking and some more time listening. This will be a tough one for me! haha 

Live simply

Life gets cluttered very quickly. Cluttered with stuff you don't need, cluttered with self doubt, cluttered with for lack of a better word- CRAP. This year I'll be trying to live a simpler cleaner life. Both in terms of the physical space I live in by buying less and de-cluttering but also in terms of the other areas of my life that can get complicated. Simpler = better in many ways and to "live simply" is going to be my motto for the year ahead.

Become a more educated consumer

I learned a lot this year in terms of where a lot of my products that I own come from, where and how they're made and what they're made with. Let me tell you, more often than not it isn't pretty. I'll never be perfect but as I've mentioned before, one of my major goals I'm working on is to educate myself more about my purchases and to "vote with my dollar". Support small businesses with manufacturing processes and ingredients I believe in. This one is tough and I'll never be perfect but it's something I'll be continuing to pay more attention to in the new year. 

Take smaller steps

Life is busy. It's busy for me, it's busy for you and it's busy for everyone. Pardon my french but to put it quite simply, we all deal with $#!t. I like to try to do everything all at once always with the bigger picture in mind which can be a little overwhelming and anxiety inducing. #realtalk A goal of mine is to take a step back from the bigger picture and focus more on the smaller steps to get there.  

Be Flexible

In the past month there have been some big changes going on for me and as a result, the timing of some of my goals will have to change. As a "Type A" this can cause me a little distress so my goal will be to try to be better at "going with the flow" and trusting in the process. As curve balls come your way you're not going to do best standing where you are, moving with the changes and adapting will be the better way to go and will be something I work on going into the new year. 


So there you go, some of my goals going into the New Year. If you're open to sharing, I'd love to hear some of yours in the comments below!