Best Gift for your Beauty Lovin' Bestie

First of all before I start this post can I just get a "woop woop" it's Friday! haha (Does anyone say "woop woop" anymore? - I don't think so #fail). After a long week this girl is looking forward to a night out with her bestie. And while we're talking about besties, it's pretty much the perfect time to bring up today's post: The cutest DIY stocking filled with the best beauty gifts for your bestie!

Looks like pretty much the most perfect gift ever, am I right?! I know I'd love to receive a bling-ed out personalized stocking full of amazing Julep goodies! So- without further ado, here's what you need to get your own glam stocking DIY going on. 

Supplies: 1 stocking (this one already had the gold band but you can always glue ribbon around the top of the stocking if you have a plain one!) // Ornaments for decoration // Sparkly Ribbon // Letters & Spray Paint (my letters are stickers from Michael's I sprayed gold-shocker!)

To make this stocking I started out by spray painting the letters that I wanted to use in gold. I went for BAE but I love the idea of personalizing this stocking by spelling out your bestie's name! Once the letters dried I used thin wire (fishing line or clear thread would work too!) and tied the letters together. I then used my glittery ribbon and tied the BAE letters and ornaments to the ribbon and voila! I had a glam gold personalized stocking!

Once your stocking is done, you'll want to fill it!  I picked a few of my fave Julep goodies to fill my stocking like the "The Eyes Have It" Kit, Merry and Bright Lip Crayon Kit, All Is Bright Nail Polish Trio, Break The Ice Lipstick Trio , and Very Merry Nail Polish Duo

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